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The construction company BIAD-S LTD was established in 1993. For its almost 20 years of activity, the company has built and performed construction works on over 380 000 sq. m. of built-up area.

The company has on board leading engineers and technical managers with many years of experience in the construction of buildings in the residential, cultural, infrastructure and industrial sectors. The company employs highly qualified workers in all building trades. Besides employees with proven experience, BIAD-S LTD has mechanization equipment, can organize and perform the assigned construction, installation and repair works.

For its track record, BIAD-S LTD has been involved in the construction of a number of building projects, reconstructions and repair works as a contractor and has designed and built compounds of residential and business buildings as a developer.

BIAD-S LTD is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders, pursuant to the Construction Chamber Act, for implementation of construction by groups and categories, as follows:
– FIRST GROUP – high-rise building construction, adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication networks and facilities – constructions of first to fifth category;
– SECOND GROUP – constructions of transport infrastructure – constructions of first to fourth category;
– THIRD GROUP – constructions of the energy infrastructure – constructions of first to third category;
– FOURTH GROUP – constructions of the public infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and environmental protection – constructions of first to third category.

The company is a regular member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and the Chief Executive Officer is its Chairman.

BIAD – S LTD is certified according to internationally recognized standards. Our certificates you can see here.

Policy statement and strategic objectives of the management of BIAD-S OOD